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Professional Credit Repair Software for Mortgage Companies, Realtors, Real Estate Investors and Credit Repair Companies
                 Credit Repair Software

       Build Your Business - Help Your Clients!

Build your Pipeline without the risk of your Credit Challenged Clients going elsewhere - Track the Progress along the way.


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Credit Repair Software for Professionals

Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals are increasingly involved in attempting to help their clients repair errors on their credit files. This activity is time consuming.

Sending your clients to a third party outside credit repair company often means you risk your clients going to the competition after they have a repaired credit file. Reducing the time and expense while maintaining quality communication with your clients builds customer loyalty!

The Most Unique Set Of Credit Repair Software Programs Any Where! Our credit repair programs allow for a leveraged offering in order to reduce your time and costs, track the entire progress and communicate effectively with your credit challenged clients all in a scalable credit repair system that works for any budget. Generate credit dispute letters for all three credit agencies... read more offers - Professional Credit Repair Software & Mortgage Credit Repair Software designed for Credit Repair Professionals, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Credit Counselors, Debt Consolidators, Title Companies, Financial Advisors, Car Dealers, Cellular Stores, Accountants, Insurance Agent, S.O.H.O. (Small Office Home Office) and Home Business Opportunity Seekers looking for an additional or full time source of income.


I am a Broker for Lennar Homes Tampa Division.  When I was asked to create a position for our Division that would handle credit repair for our buyers, I jumped at the opportunity. 

I began by researching a number of software programs, including Credit Win Pro.  This was no easy task, as there are quite a few different platforms out there.  After about a month of research, and quite a few calls and emails , we decided that there was no better platform or value on the market than Credit Win Pro

The customer service provided to Lennar has been impeccable.  As a veteran sales consultant in the auto industry and home building, I am no easy person to impress; yet, I am impressed.  The training program is fantastic!

I have now been using the software for over 45 days and can't be more thrilled.  It makes the job of managing clients, disputes and schedules a breeze.  I can't imagine recommending any other platform for credit repair than CreditWin Pro.  I look forward to the updates, that no doubt, will only serve to further improve upon this already wonderful program.  Thank you, for all that you have done to assist Lennar in piloting this brand new program.  I look forward to a long lasting relationship with your company.

B. Goldstein  Broker / Credit Counselor

Lennar Homes, LLC


"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I love the CreditWin Pro version. It has cut my input time in half! And it is so easy to use. Thank you for this GREAT tool! "

P. Anderson- CA

"This software is a must have for any Credit Repair Organization and I personally think that it is under priced! "

E. Ramos - FL

CreditWin Pro  has been a great addition to our company; we have worked with other Credit Repair Software in the past and this one is much easier and more efficient. With our previous software it was taking us 3 times as long to complete a file as it is now.  I especially like being able to customize everything the way we want it. The customer service is excellent; no question is too small.  Thanks again!”

A. Eads- MO


Finance Is Getting Tougher


First Time Buyers quickly realize the dynamics of credit errors and the effects on their pocket books.
Refinancing either a sub-prime loan or a adjustable loan requires the cleanest credit score possible. Our Credit Repair Software can Help.

Every FICO Point Counts


Client Credit Repair Can Be Time Consuming however in today's market it is part of doing business.
You Need Tools in order to be effective and efficient.
Good Client Communication can keep your clients from going to your competition.



3 New Professional Credit Repair

Software Versions-Starting at Only $995.00

Single PC SOHO Version

SaaS- Hosted Remote PC's Version

SaaS- Web Hosted Remote Network Version

+Web Processing &Tracking w/Client, Sales Rep

& Referral Partner Logon!


Credit Errors-  "79% of the credit reports surveyed contained either serious errors or other mistakes of some kind. These errors result in lost jobs, denied mortgage applications, and higher interest rates for those who do obtain credit."                              

 - U.S. PIRG web site

Multiple Programs  to fit any budget from the small office to multi- state companies.

Keep your Client Credit Repair entirely in-house...

We Offer 3 Professional Grade Programs ... read more


Just Some of Our Many Awards:

After starting my credit repair business just a few months ago, my volume has increased each month and shows no signs of slowing down! 

 Your software helps me use my time efficiently; I'm able to to quickly handle each step of the repair process for my clients, maintain simple and accurate accounting, and stay on top of important details just by using one system.  

I consider the CreditWin Pro  software to be a total "turn-key" solution - it includes everything needed to run my business.  The online tracking system helps clients see a clear picture of their progress without having to decipher the credit bureau responses, and allows my referral sources to easily monitor the progress of each client they refer to my company simply by logging in anytime.

 I can't imagine being so successful in such a short period of time without having your complete software system to run my business with!  Thank You!!!  

Eric M. MI.




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